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plus10 Analytics Software

Never stop optimizing your production

The analysis software for automated production lines and machines based on high-frequency machine data. Adapted to your production - as Software as a Service.

Leading companies trust in plus10

Continuous productivity optimization of highly automated production lines and machines

plus10 Analytics software identifies problems and optimization potential based on high-frequency machine data

Complex manufacturing processes often have too low OEE

Identifying the causes of productivity losses in automated production lines and machines is often difficult. Complex interdependencies, many process dependencies and a lack of expert knowledge make problem analyses difficult.
plus10 software creates transparency about OEE losses in order to turn the right screws.

"Shannon has already brought us about 5% more productivity during the pilot phase."

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Lack of personnel is increasingly the cause of production losses

The shortage of skilled workers is often already omnipresent. Missed production shifts and reduced technical availability are the result.
Turn your shop floor staff into experts with Shannon® , enabling more machine operation and reduced downtime due to a reduced MTTR.  

"The smartwatches for operational operators and logistics personnel were particularly valuable here."

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Fluctuating material quality and environmental parameters cause unstable processes

Variable material parameters, such as those that occur when using recycled material, can lead to increased scrap. A situational adjustment of the setting parameters of the injection molding process is required.
Use Hopper to continuously receive suggestions for adjusting set parameters in order to reduce scrap and cycle time.

The ramp-up of production lines and machines often takes far too long

Complex interactions in automated production lines and machines are often the cause of long ramp-up phases with too low OEE.
Analyze manufacturing processes in detail with Darwin to clearly identify performance losses.
Create a knowledge base for troubleshooting with Shannon® right from the start.

"We were able to generate data-based visibility into all relevant machine faults, including localization and prioritization."

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What our customers & partners say

"ZAHORANSKY uses all three intelligent plus10 tools on fully automated plants to support fast and smooth start-ups as well as maximum productivity in our customers' everyday production. Both customers in the medical technology and consumer goods sectors are now using the situational assistance internationally!"

Dr. Bernd Stein

ZAHORANSKY AG Board of Directors for the Technology and Machinery Division

"For us, plus10-Shannon® is an answer to state-of-the-art plant and machine systems by breaking down complex and interlinked plant states into easy-to-manage fault clearance tasks for the operator in a fully automated manner. It thus represents an essential step in the simplification of modern plant systems for the operator."

Dr. Uwe Remminghorst

Vice President Production Vetter Pharma

"plus10, with its continuous learning optimization technology, offers a disruptive approach OEE increase specifically for highly automated production facilities."

Prof. Thomas Bauernhansl

Institute Director Fraunhofer IPA

"I have been following plus10 since 2020 and am convinced of the innovation and added value of AI optimization tools for highly automated, complex production facilities."

Peter Schwarzenbauer

Ex Board of Management BMW AG

"The decision to cooperate with plus10 has proven to be a promising project from day one. The solution orientation of the company is reflected in the cooperation as well as in the product Shannon® as shop floor-near tool for establishing knowledge management solutions in production. Increasing the robustness of our highly automated packaging machines is based on the successful interaction between our machines and the employees. Shannon® provides a special interface for us here."

Daniel child

Head of Packaging Inhalativa, Boehringer Ingelheim

"With plus10 and their Shannon® technology, we were able to quickly uncover significant improvement potential in our interlinked production lines. Their in-depth expertise in connecting and analyzing high-frequency machine data has been very convincing for us."

Dr. Waldemar Rotfuss

Head of Technology Platforms, Freudenberg Technology Innovation

"It's impressive how more output can be gained from fully utilized production facilities with the plus10 software tools. This means capacity expansion without high plant investments."

Daniel Stengel

Director, Kearney

"I am confident that Shannon will give us an increase in performance!"

Cedric Meyer

Global Carlsberg Excellence Senior Manager

"Our aim was to identify the technical potentials to significantly reduce manufacturing costs. The results are thus highly significant for us, as they reveal and objectively quantify the real causes of all losses."

Matthias Meissner

COO Haselmeier GmbH

"With Shannon, we were able to generate data-based transparency on all relevant machine malfunctions, including localization and prioritization, after the implementation phase. In addition, machine downtimes could be analyzed live at signal level. The plus10 team proved to be extremely competent and supportive."

Daniel Spanfellner

Smart Factory Expert, PERI

"With Shannon, the faults and messages that occurred on the complex, automated line could be detected and localized quickly and effectively. The smartwatches for the operational operators and logistics personnel were particularly valuable here."

Andreas Koellner

PLC Control Engineer, Production Process Engineering, ebm-papst St. Georgen

"With the software from plus10, we were able to benefit from detailed transparency about downtimes and process times already during the implementation phase. The signal-based root cause analysis by the Signal Viewer as well as the detailed fault analysis on station level were particularly profitable. With the help of the simulation based on the data, it was possible to define a package of measures to increase output."

Lutz Kaiser

Plant Engineer, Schwarzkopf & Henkel Production Europe GmbH & Co. KG

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Cycle Time Optimization in Automated Machining

Similar or even identical machines with comparable processes often do not run at the same productivity level. To create more transparency about possible optimization potentials, plus10 offers the intelligent software tool Darwin.
Christian Schmitt