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Success stories in the consumer goods industry

Optimize your manufacturing with continuously learning and situationally acting software


Offer digital software tools to your customers to increase your production lines and machines productivity

plus10 Analytics software identifies problems and optimization potential based on high-frequency machine data. With integration into your plants, you offer real added value.

Operating complex production lines and machines efficiently is a challenge

In addition to product modularization and standardization, digital innovations play an important role in their product portfolio. End customers are demanding, for example, digital services and digitally enhanced machines, which

  • Make complex support requests easier and more transparent to resolve
  • Optimize operating efficiency and
  • guarantee the availability of the machines through data-driven technologies.

Optimization of production lines and machines as a digital service

Integrate plus10 software products into your production lines and machines and offer your customers added value in the efficient operation of your machines and production lines.

  • Shannon provides custom-fit suggestions for troubleshooting even the most complicated issues
  • Darwin creates transparency about machine behavior: So you understand what happened - even remotely
  • Optimization of bottlenecks and faults during commissioning
Success Stories

What our customers & partners say

Darwin at Schwarzkopf

  • Fully automated and interlinked filling and packaging line for consumer goods (0.17 sec. cycle time)
  • Detailed transparency of downtime per shift at station level for effective shift handover and basis for conceptual optimization
  • Faster root cause identification in the optimization process and in the event of downtimes thanks to visualization of the signal behavior
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Impact = up to 17% potential for throughput increase identified

Data Collector at vileda

  • Creation of a high-frequency Big Data infrastructure and data mapping for injection molding machines.
  • Implementation of data interfaces to various control systems (Demag injection molding machines, in-mold sensors and other external sensors)
  • Creation of a virtual track & trace system for tracking individual parts after injection molding
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Products used:

Impact = building a high-frequency data infrastructure as the basis for machine learning models.


Advantages in the consumer goods industry


Increase OEE by reducing downtime (MTTR)

Up to 38%

Reduction of the average productivity variation

10 - 30%

Shortening the start-up and relocation phase

Software solutions - perfectly adapted for your FMCG production

  • Output losses due to downtime with high unit costs
  • Downtime due to unplanned machine malfunctions
  • High fluctuation in the workforce
  • Competitive and differentiation pressure in the market for machine manufacturers
  • Inefficient start-up of new or relocated machines / production lines
  • Lack of expert knowledge about technical problems and their causes
plus10 products

With our products to success in the automotive industry

Our analysis software addresses the three OEE loss categories of technical availability, performance level and quality.

Darwin - Identifying causes of performance losses

  • Uncover bottlenecks in your production lines and machines and create transparency about the causes of performance losses - down to the signal level.
  • Increase output rate per machine by reducing cycle time
  • Explanation of why similar machines in the same factory work differently
  • Detect trends in malfunction and process time data at an early stage and thus implement optimizations in a timely manner

Shannon® - the operative shop floor assistance

  • Turn your plant operators into experts: Shannon® provides information on the causes of malfunctions with situational solution suggestions and thus reduces downtimes through intelligent knowledge management
  • 5 - 15 % increase in OEE through reduction of downtime and troubleshooting (MTTR)
  • Knowledge management: building knowledge about actual machine behavior and solutions
  • Addressing the shortage of skilled workers: Immediate support in solving the problem by proposing the expert knowledge.

Hopper - the quality optimizer

  • Automatically generated suggestions for parameter optimization help you reduce scrap and cycle time in the injection molding process.
  • Increase output rate by significantly reducing scrap and cycle time
  • Recommendations for detailed parameter adjustments taking into account all factors influencing the process
  • Situational and automated recommendations available on smartwatch, smartphone and browser

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