Microsoft Intelligent Manufacturing Award 2021 - plus10 and Haselmeier among winners

Great success at the Microsoft Intelligent Manufacturing Award 2021

Felix Georg Müller
Felix Georg Müller

plus10 and Haselmeier™ A medmix Brand are the winners of the "Innovate!" category

In the final of the Microsoft Intelligent Manufacturing Award 2021, which is organized by Microsoft and the management consultancy Roland Berger, Felix Georg Müller (CEO and CO-Founder of plus10) convinced the jury on January 25, 2022 with his pitch on the implemented use case in cooperation with Haselmeier. With the topic "AI-based software: process optimization in the assembly of medical devices" plus10 and Haselmeier could assert themselves as winners of the category "Innovate!". The award is being presented for the third time this year.

The industry advisory board of the Microsoft Intelligent Manufacturing Award 2021 selected plus10 with its unique technology to present the use case developed in collaboration with Haselmeier in the finals on the big pitch day (January 25). This involved the implementation of plus10 software tools on an automated assembly line for injection syringes to increase productivity in GMP-compliant production. At the press conference on February 24, plus10 and Haselmeier™ A medmix Brand were presented as winners of the "Innovate!" category and were able to present their use case in another short pitch to selected journalists.

AI-based software - process optimization in the assembly of medical devices

Medical products such as self-injection syringes are manufactured on fast and highly automated assembly lines. Process optimization is a complex undertaking where AI-based software helps to find the most effective measures. By using plus10 tools, significant performance optimization can be realized. The GMP-compliant Shannon® software tool identifies technical line problems and their causes in real time and recommends an appropriate solution to solve the problem in the specific situation. In the cooperation between Haselmeier and plus10, the assembly line was analyzed to identify the causes of technical availability and performance losses. The initial overall equipment efficiency (OEE) was already relatively high (70-80%), yet Shannon® successfully uncovered productivity potentials of plus10.

plus10-Shannon®: Learning and GMP-compliant optimization control loop for production plants from Haselmeier™ A medmix Brand

Microsoft and Roland Berger honor innovative ideas and digital solutions

The Microsoft Intelligent Manufacturing Award recognizes companies in the manufacturing industry that are actively helping to drive the transformation to Industry 4.0. In addition to plus10, the finalists included companies such as the BMW Group, Dürr Systems AG, Wienerberger AG and SAS, as well as Bosch Global Software Technologies. The winners receive exclusive access to one of the top expert networks for Industry 4.0, the MIMA Champion Circle.

Industrial Automation | Victory in Microsoft Final

Hannover Messe | MIMA recognizes best digital solutions in the manufacturing industry

(Image source: Stanislav Tisot, Haselmeier)

News from plus10.


Cycle Time Optimization in Automated Machining

Similar or even identical machines with comparable processes often do not run at the same productivity level. To create more transparency about possible optimization potentials, plus10 offers the intelligent software tool Darwin.
Christian Schmitt
Christian Schmitt

AI-based quality optimization for high-tech production lines

The automotive supplier Valeo has started an application-oriented research and development project with the Fraunhofer AI spin-off plus10 and the AI institute AImotion Bavaria of the Ingolstadt University of Technology. The aim of the project is to increase the efficiency of highly automated production lines with the help of novel machine learning algorithms.
Felix Georg Müller
Felix Georg Müller