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Shannon® at Schott Schweiz AG

Fully automated manufacturing plant for syringe production in the clean room

Schott Switzerland AG
Pharma and medtech

The use case in numbers

92% Production rate

already at the beginning of the implementation

8 seconds cycle time

of the production line under consideration

6 hours

More production in night shifts during the test period

The goal

Significant increase and stabilization of the productivity of a fully automated manufacturing plant for syringe production in a clean room operating 24/7.

The solution

  • Use of the Shannon® worker assistance system to suggest the most appropriate causes and solutions to problems in the event of technical malfunctions.
  • High-frequency and time-synchronous connection of all PLCs involved, setup and operation of the required streaming architecture
  • Identification of critical influencing variables on current rejects for the formulation of countermeasures
  • Training of the system and instruction of the employees in the interaction with Shannon®.

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