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How do we take the issue of data protection into account?

We only process the data that comes from your machine, either locally at your site or on a cloud-based infrastructure hosted in your application that includes encrypted traffic. For more information on IT security and data protection, please feel free to contact us.

How is expert knowledge about machine behavior and the typical causes of certain events integrated into the Shannon® app?

The knowledge and experience of employees (maintenance, operators, process experts, etc.) is collected "on the fly" via smartphone/smartwatch/tablet in order to link their expert knowledge as new solutions for dedicated problems. In this way, solutions can be suggested when the relevant cause occurs. Operators can add text, images with markers or short videos to the solution via the smartphone or smartwatch.

Can I combine the plus10 tools with my existing MES or ERP system?

The plus10 software tools provide bidirectional interfaces, either by sharing a database or by native protocols to neighboring IT systems. For example, we can share continuously calculated KPIs on performance and root causes and update your planning, actual and target figures in real time and objectively. Your production planning and control will become much more accurate with feedback from Darwin, Hopper and Shannon®.

We currently support various PLC/NC types. Find out here about the controllers we support or ask us about compatibility with your MES/ERP system.

On which end devices is Shannon® available?

Shannon® is available for the following devices and operating systems:

  • Android smartphones via Google Playstore
  • iOS smartphones or iPods via App Store
  • Apple Watch (watchOS) via App Store
  • Web browser

The Shannon® app can either be downloaded to individual devices or centrally managed via mobile device management (MDM).

How does the data acquisition work?

plus10 collects the data directly from all integrated machine controllers (PLC, NC), robot controllers (RC), etc. of a production machine or from all controllers integrated in a production line. To do this, we use our plus10 DataCollector to acquire high frequency data from all PLCs, NC and/or RC involved. So far we can collect high frequency machine data with different manufacturer specific PLC protocols and we are continuously adding more controllers. Find out more about the controllers we support here or ask us about compatibility with your specific controller type.

If you already have a powerful IT infrastructure installed in your factory, we also offer the connection to your middleware.

What data is used for the software tools?

Basically plus10 collects and processes all data of the machine control (PLC) of the production machines or the production line in high frequency. The high sampling rate (we are talking about milliseconds) is necessary to detect and assign the causes of problems and not only their consequences. In some cases the RC and NC data of e.g. handling robots are additionally required. In the standard case, no additional sensors or cameras need to be installed.

What are the requirements for the IT infrastructure in production? Do I need to set up a cloud environment in my production network?

The plus10 software tools are flexible in terms of IT infrastructure. Data acquisition and pre-processing runs continuously locally, e.g. on an Industrial Edge Device or a virtual machine within the machine control network. For the next processing step, plus10 adapts to your preferred solution: We can provide a cloud environment for our software tools or they can run on a virtual machine on-premise in your existing in-plant data center. Both are possible and we have experience with both options.

Is it a problem to have machine controls from different manufacturers?

No, that is not a problem. You will find here all machine controls that are currently compatible.

Your PLCs are not yet listed? Contact us to clarify the introduction of new interfaces with our software development.

What are the costs?

The plus10 costs are divided into two packages: the one-time onboarding, which includes the initial installation, configuration and go-live. After that, there is an annual license fee for our software services. The annual license includes updates and standard support. Both depend on the number and type of integrated machine controls and the complexity of the production machines or production line.

Where can Shannon®, Hopper or Darwin be installed?

Shannon®, Hopper and Darwin are available as software-as-a-service and hosted on Microsoft Azure in a plus10 subscription. In addition, our software can be run in a customized cloud infrastructure or as an on-premise solution.

Apps for Shannon® are available for Android and iOS (incl. watchOS).

Is support for international production sites included?

Our annual license fee includes standard support and software updates to the latest version of the software service(s) ordered. So with a plus10 software license from Darwin, Hopper or Shannon®, we guarantee you the latest, most efficient and user-friendly version of our optimization software. In doing so, we service production plants worldwide in which our software tools are installed.

Can the initial installation and configuration be done remotely or is an on-site visit to the factory floor required?

This depends on the type of machine controller (PLC) and the existing IT infrastructure. If connectivity to all PLCs exists and you provide the computing infrastructure (either as a local virtual machine or a dedicated server), installation and configuration can be done remotely. In this case, operator training on Shannon®, Hopper or Darwin is still performed on-site, but can be virtualized as video training, even in the case of pandemic closures or access restrictions.

What are the economic requirements for using Shannon®, Darwin and Hopper?

All plus10 software tools are designed to cope with a high degree of complexity in multi-shift production.

Depending on your needs, you can select an appropriate plus10 tool to address your specific production problems:

  • Shannon® helps you in the event of malfunctions and technical failures. and thus optimizes technical availability.
  • Darwin continuously detects performance optimization potential during operation - either in interlinked and automated process chains or for at least 6 identical individual machines. These machines or production lines can also be located in different plants around the world.
  • Hopper lowers your scrap rate in combination with cycle time. This means Hopper helps to reduce high scrap rates or conformity costs and thus optimizes quality.
What are the technical requirements for using Shannon®, Darwin and Hopper?

All plus10 software tools can only be used on fully automated production machines or production/assembly lines, as automatic data input from each process step is required. The operators generally perform logistical and support tasks such as filling or removing material, as well as statistical process checks and troubleshooting in the event of problems.

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