Shannon® at Peri

Fully automated production line for safety-critical scaffold decking consisting of 34 process steps with 11-second cycle times.

Building materials manufacturer

The use case in numbers

over 50 solutions to problems

generated for disruptions during onboarding phase

21 Processes

which leads to significant product variation & quality

36 Welding robots

and other machine controls are connected

The goal

  • Implementation and operation of Shannon® in multi-shift operation on a fully automated production line for scaffolding decks
  • High-frequency connection of all machine controllers involved (various PLCs, RC, motion, welding and test controllers) as a fused live data basis
  • Knowledge management and documentation of the most effective troubleshooting procedure in the event of an incident
"With Shannon, we were able to generate data-based transparency on all relevant machine malfunctions, including localization and prioritization, after the implementation phase. In addition, machine downtimes could be analyzed live at signal level. The plus10 team proved to be extremely competent and supportive."

Daniel Spanfellner

Smart Factory Expert, PERI

The solution

  • Real-time visibility into current and past disruptions
  • Prioritization of relevant disturbances to causal problems
  • Faster cause finding for machine downtimes with integrated signal viewer for all controllers
  • Generation of over 50 solutions during implementation phase for situational problem solving with Shannon®.
  • Intensive support of the software introduction at shop floor level in all shifts by plus10
  • Cloud edge-based IT infrastructure for high-frequency yet scalable integration

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