plus10 among Top 3 Startups at Factory of the Year

plus10 is one of the three best startups at the renowned industry competition Factory of the Year in the category "Startup Challenge". With an innovative AI optimization software for automated production, the young company from Augsburg and Stuttgart was able to convince the expert audience.

Felix Georg Müller
Felix Georg Müller

At one of the most prestigious industry competitions in the context of factory planning and operation in Europe, the company plus10 won over the audience with its AI-based software tools Darwin and Shannon® for automated production optimization and made it into the top 3 startups. In his pitch, Felix Georg Müller (CEO and Co-Founder of plus10) convinced the audience, which consisted of production experts, plant managers and decision-makers from the industry. In the final of the Startup Challenge, which took place on Tuesday, were also the companies Additive Marking and MotionMiners. MotionMiners took first place in the final vote.

Felix Georg Müller (plus10) convinced with his pitch in the final of the Startup Challenge of the Factory of the Year competition. Image source: SV Veranstaltungen GmbH.

Letting machines learn from each other - the plus10 recipe for success

plus10 was founded in 2019 by three ex-Fraunhofer employees Felix Georg Müller, Pablo Mayer and Thomas Hilzbrich. They have made it their mission to ensure that even complex machines and plants can be operated at maximum productivity at all times through their continuous data-based optimization. To do this, they use AI algorithms and let machines learn from each other. The production software is already being used in various industries and achieves 5 - 15% output increases in ongoing multi-shift operations. The team now consists of 15 employees who combine expertise from the fields of software development, data science, and automation and control technology.

Factory of the Year annually awards outstanding solutions for production

Every year, the Factory of the Year benchmark competition honors outstanding companies that use innovative technologies and digitization to increase their own competitiveness. Other categories in which companies are honored include "Securing a location through digitization" or also "Outstanding production network". The competition and congress of the same name are organizedevery year by Süddeutscher Verlag Veranstaltungen and the management consultancy Kearney.

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Cycle Time Optimization in Automated Machining

Similar or even identical machines with comparable processes often do not run at the same productivity level. To create more transparency about possible optimization potentials, plus10 offers the intelligent software tool Darwin.
Christian Schmitt
Christian Schmitt